about orka-m

orka-m is the Singapore-based musical vision of Indian-American trumpet innovator/engineer, composer, artist and educator Rajesh Mehta (1964-) graduated from M.I.T. in 1986. He founded the innovative music platform “orka-m” while living in India in 2006, producing interdisciplinary music and educational projects in collaboration with architecture ,dance, visual arts, and film.

The projects site documents both the research and development of orka-m’s activities and the current professional projects of its founder Mehta and his collaborators.

The gallery showcases Mehta's music-inspired visual art works which are performed internationally as musical compositions.

The e-cademy is the ongoing pedagogical program being developed by Mehta and his wife Barbara for their daughters Vinya and Lena.

The food journal is Barbara Friederichsen-Mehta's innovative health-conscious vegetarian recipe blog.

The site rajesh mehta contains archival material, please see the projects site for Mehta’s current activities.